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Automotive GPS Systems – Tips For Selecting the Best One

More than likely there has been a time when you slid in your car and suddenly wondered if you knew how to get where you were going. Well, today with the great automotive GPS systems, you don’t have to worry about this any more. With automotive systems, you can easily get to any destination you may need to go for. There are a variety of excellent GPS systems available today – so how do you pick the best one? Well, here are some top tips that will help you pick out the system that is best for you.Tip #1 – Figure Out How Often You Need to Use It – First of all, when looking for the best GPS device, figure out how often you are going to need to use it. If you aren’t going to need it very often, consider one of the inexpensive systems available. Many are very small and plug in to the cigarette lighter in the car. However, on the other hand, if you need to use it often, you’ll want one of the better GPS systems that is user friendly.Tip #2 – Consider Your Car’s Layout – When trying to choose automotive GPS systems, consider your car’s layout. Many systems have monitors that displays directions and maps on them. Usually the monitors are placed in the dashboard or on an attachable pedestal from the dash. You’ll find in some vehicles, that certain GPS systems can block important vents for air or make it difficult for a person in the passenger seat. So, you want a system that works with the layout of your car.Tip #3 – Look for Multiple Ways to Get Where You’re Going – Choose systems that allow you to use multiple ways to get where you are going. Many automotive GPS systems allow you to get directions by an address back, an address you type in, a location you select on a map, or even by the nearest intersection.Tip #4 – Ensure You Get Vocal and Graphic Directions – Having both vocal and graphic directions in automotive systems is definitely a wonderful idea. When choosing a system, this is important. It allows you to see where you will be going, but the benefit of the vocal directions is that you don’t have to take your concentration off the road to get the directions you need.Tip #5 – Find Automotive GPS Systems with Great Features – If you’re shopping for a unit, make sure that you find a system with great features. Consider looking for features like Bluetooth, 3D maps, real time updates, or even data on points of interest.Tip #6 – Keep the Installation Time in Mind – Last of all, if you’re choosing automotive GPS systems, you should keep the installation time in mind. This is especially important if you are on a very tight budget. The longer a GPS systems take to install, the more it will cost. So, keep this in mind.